Bringing Wood to Life and Life to Wood

Here at Masterpiece Carved Doors there is no doubt that you will be in love with your newly carved masterpiece. Custom, hand-carved marvels of local or distant wildlife made solely for you.

Wood Hand carving of Cowboy

Making Your Entry Grand

Doing what she loves to do best, Catherine Bestland can enhance the natural beauty of the wood in your home. Wood carved doors, customized mantelpieces, intricate wildlife sculptures, wall panels, and unique furniture.

Each piece of handiwork becomes a unique tribute to nature and its wild beautiful elements. With the intricate hand-carved wildlife mantelpieces or a custom-carved wall panel you have the untamed finery of the wilderness easily accessible in your own home.

These enchanting pieces of hand-carved genius can add that rustic home accent you have been looking for. Fill your hoe with scenes of breathtaking nature and wildlife, bringing indoors the splendor of the outdoors.

Hand carved wood cougar cabinet Hand carved wood landscape bar Hand carved wood moose

About Catherine

Catherine (Cat) Bestland makes her home in the mountains of Western Colorado. The wildlife and wild places of the wilderness areas near her home are an inspiration for her creations.

Cat is a complete self-taught artist. Her astute eye for physical conformation was developed over her years as a breeder of thoroughbred horses. Correctness of musculature and conformation symmetry are the hallmarks of her wood sculpture.

Not only is she an avid hiker and wildlife enthusiast, she is an award winning artist and author of the eco-fiction novel THE GREEN FIRE BURNING. Much of the proceeds of her work is contributed to various wildlife interests.

Catheine Bestland's work can be found gracing custom homes across the US and in private collections internationally.

Catherine next to one of her creations
Hand carved elk scene on door
Bed with hand carved bed frame

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