The Beauty of Nature
Captured Within Your Home

A custom hand carved wood door or an artistically created mantelpiece could give you just what you want. In this portfolio come and see the raw magnificence carved into the wood of your home. Whether you are looking for wall art, custom carved furniture, or a door that will turn heads you'll find it here. With every day comes a discovery of something grand and awe-inspiring, where you find yourself wishing you could bottle it up and take it home with you. The beauty of nature captured within your home.

Hand Carved Doors

Your doors are the first impression anyone will see of your home, so why not make it worth looking at. Custom Hand Carved Doors are great conversation starters, as well as an impressive touch of creativity to spark the imagination. From single doors to double doors, from scenery to wildlife. These hand carved wood doors are a unique but tasteful way of bringing the outdoors closer to home.

Hand carved elk on entryway Hand carved aspen forest on door
Hand carved fireplace mantle in office

Hand Carved Wall Art

Art in any home adds to the sophistication of even the most bare walls. With a hand carved wood masterpiece covering your wall there is a tangible impact in the room. Your own custom piece of wood wall art can give any room in your home the stunning power nature has to offer. Fill your home with the custom wood wall art that will be able to move and inspire you and your family for years and years to come.

Hand Carved Mantles

Your mantelpiece is the instinctive central point of the room it's a part of. There is something to be said of the delicate artwork that goes into creating a mantelpiece worthy of that attention. Yet, a custom carved wood mantle depicting nature's epic beauty can do nothing but demand the attention of the room. With your own wood carved fireplace mantel providing its unerring authoriy to the room, your mantelpiece will stand out from all the others in true nobility.

Hand carved elk scene on fireplace mantel Hand carved cougar
Hand carved wood birch scene on glass door

Custom Carved Glass Doors

Glass doors are incredibly nice to have they give you the chance to see a broader view of the outside world than a simple window could provide. However, with a custom hand carved glass door you now have the opportunity to see out while imparting an amazing, distinctive quality to your home. You can give your glass doors a new dimension and depth. The ordinary glass door can't compare to a painstakingly detail, hand-crafted masterpiece that you can have created for you. There is no end to the possibilities of your glass doors, so don't settle. Experience and enjoy the gift these beautiful glass doors can ring into your life.

Hand carved wood portfolio of nature,animals,and landscapes
Hand carved nature landscape on bench
Hand carved mountainous landscape on bar

Hand Carved Furniture

The furniture in your home shares to others the type of personality you have as well as the sense of style you put into your home. A hand carved desk, a personalized wood bed frame, a finely detailed counter all play their parts. Each of these can give a pop and pizzazzz to a beautifully decorated home. Carefully crafted into eye-catching pieces of art, furniture is an essential part of every home. So, why not make our furniture unique, ecquisite scenes of the nature you love and cherish? It's all in the detials. Just some of the Custom Hand Carved Furniture offered by Catherine Bestland. Bar Panels, Desks, Bed Posts,Headboards.